Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sunday Activity: Part 1 Miyagase Dam Visit

Visited Miyagase Dam on Sunday.
It's 20km away from Ebina Station.
Sato Papa drove us there.
 photo DSC_1943_zps1440af57.jpg

 photo DSC_1945_zps1099bb2f.jpg
Unfortunately, today is not the "water releasing" day.

 photo DSC_1946_zps931e3799.jpg
We took cable car to reach to the top of the dam.

 photo DSC_1947_zps1f9e5893.jpg
Going higher and higher.

 photo DSC_1953_zps4fac43d0.jpg
Nice view. We could see Yokohama Landmark Tower from here. (not clear from this photo though)

 photo DSC_1950_zps4531d4dd.jpg

 photo DSC_1951_zps93a529f0.jpg
Me and Sato Papa

 photo DSC_1956_zps73778407.jpg
Nice view from top!

 photo DSC_1952_zpsaff1a116.jpg
Green green water.

 photo DSC_1954_zps3771cd20.jpg

 photo DSC_1958_zps8888e6ef.jpg

 photo DSC_1957_zps013cdb34.jpg

 photo DSC_1959_zpsd1301cc2.jpg

 photo DSC_1960_zpse5514d94.jpg

 photo P1030763_zps42a9aaac.jpg
Group photo

 photo P1030772_zps1c5b0da1.jpg
Group photo

 photo P1030766_zps20071b88.jpg
Group photo

 photo P1030765_zps3c85bc45.jpg


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