Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Random Cooking Diary 22

Recently, not much new menu.
And so lazy to cook at home due to cold weather.
Lol....always blame the weather when I feel lazy.

 photo DSC_1998_zps0abb2927.jpg
Cute curry rice!

 photo DSC_1987_zpscb26e812.jpg
Hamburger from CircleK. I just prepared the side dishes.

 photo DSC_2048_zps2cd1d986.jpg
1st steamboat in Autumn!

 photo DSC_2049_zpsbd33f839.jpg
Left: Minced beef+pork ball, right: ham and pork slice

 photo DSC_2051_zps6ab4d823.jpg
On the following day, had steamboat too.
With lots of pumpkin!

 photo DSC_1988_zpseda3e66a.jpg
Tofu and Canned sanma! Best conbination.

 photo DSC_1989_zpsf7e1cc8a.jpg
Steamed vege with senbei as topping!
Creative rite?

 photo DSC_1995_zps2eab382d.jpg
With crab stick as topping.
Simple dinner.

 photo DSC_1990_zps524f49b1.jpg
Vegetarian soba! Hehe
Expensive soba bought from Gifu when traveling. Nice!

Sorry for those non-appetizing


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