Thursday, October 10, 2013


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Recent selca of me. Hehe.
Not losing any weight recently. Remain stagnant.

(Gaishoku means "outside food" in Japanese!!)
Because of those nice food....argh!!
 photo DSC_1980_zps88867d68.jpg
Saizeriya's grilled chicken with cheese! Yummy and at reasonable price.
499yen if not mistaken!

 photo DSC_1982_zps793ea11f.jpg
Mini sausage rolls from my favorite bakery shop Pompadour.

 photo IMG_20131007_155925_zps108683c5.jpg
Ice-cream treated by Ann-san !! Arigatou~Hehe!
Sweet potato flavor!

 photo DSC_1992_zpsda38cd1c.jpg
Dao xiao mian from Bamiyan 733yen!
New canton menu! Quite nice but abit salty...

 photo 299aefd0-b6f8-43e1-aadf-e0808ba9e65b_zps75230ba8.jpg

Bento from Lawson!


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