Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Sunday Activity: Part 2 BBQ Picnic

Had BBQ Picnic at Hattori Farm
A very nice place. Country side feel.
Saw horses, sheeps and cows at the farm! Hehe

 photo DSC_1963_zps3ab02680.jpg
Thanks for preparing all these food.

 photo DSC_1966_zpsb3d43dac.jpg
Inari sushi!

 photo DSC_1965_zpsc09489c1.jpg

 photo DSC_1964_zps53861d16.jpg

 photo DSC_1968_zpsa8bdddf8.jpg

 photo DSC_1967_zps489c67ea.jpg

 photo DSC_1971_zps0316d734.jpg
Sausage! Yum Yum!

 photo DSC_1961_zpse65036f5.jpg
In the making!

 photo DSC_1970_zpsb295fa0e.jpg
Cute lonely cat.

 photo DSC_1969_zps5087075e.jpg
Yakisoba! Oishii!

 photo DSC_1972_zpsa21fbe5b.jpg
BBQ pork and sweet potato

 photo DSC_1973_zps0446eb0b.jpg

 photo P1030789_zpsae485566.jpg
Sang song together after our meal.

 photo DSC_1976_zps75595447.jpg
Nice view
 photo DSC_1978_zpsa16ae267.jpg
Countryside feel.

Had a great time with kind Japanese and also students from other countries.
Wish to join such event again.


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