Monday, October 28, 2013

Smart Illumination 2013

 photo DSC04073_zps30244b40.jpg
Smart Illumination Yokohama is an art event: an effort to develop a new nightscape using energy saving technologies in the Central Yokohama Shoreline District. A mystical nightscape never seen before will be created by combining LED illumination and other highly advanced environmental technologies with artistic creativity.

 photo DSC04052_zps3ede8c11.jpg

 photo DSC04054_zps9028788e.jpg

 photo DSC04056_zpsa1d362a0.jpg

 photo DSC04069_zps69dd409b.jpg

 photo DSC04072_zps4c08fff8.jpg

 photo DSC04053_zps5a4f3efd.jpg

 photo DSC04063_zpse1eabf73.jpg

 photo DSC04047_zps967d2d80.jpg

 photo DSC04065_zpsa3669db4.jpg

 photo DSC04067_zps3cf55339.jpg

 photo DSC04074_zps3ea4b578.jpg

 photo DSC04077_zps81d4d785.jpg

 photo DSC04082_zpsc0f92cb9.jpg


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