Monday, October 14, 2013


Today is a meaningful day.
Joined voluntary job for the biggest Jazz Live event in Japan called JAZZ PROMENADE.
This is the 21st time the event is held in Yokohama.
 photo DSC_2007_zps9d65e827.jpg
My staff pass and jacket! Hehe!

Basically, my job was quite easy.
Stand there and also do head count every Jazz session starts and ends.
And also response to audiences' question.
All pamphlets has been given out earlier, but many audiences keep asking for pamphlets.
And also sorry to those audience that approached me, and I pointed them to wrong direction....Lol.
And also those who approached me and I couldn't answer them well due to my poor Japanese and also I am not well prepared.
 photo DSC_2009_zps45f86ace.jpg

 photo DSC_2008_zps84eb28ca.jpg
YNU BaySound Jazz Orchestra

 photo DSC_2010_zpsf3151ea6.jpg
Thanks to those who came and supported the events.
I could see some uncles moving their body along the rhythm. Some small kids clapping their hand happily.
Everyone was enjoying the music very much. And i saw an uncle carrying his pet, a pigeon in a yellow backpack cage. Lol.
 photo DSC_2012_zps146c171f.jpg

 photo DSC_2011_zps1eed34f2.jpg
Saw this uncle with white shirt and hat, always dance along the rhythm. Hehe!

The event venue I am in-charge of is for Amateur band performance. However, their performance was so perfect just like professional.
 photo DSC_2014_zpsd499b315.jpg
Swingin' Devils Jr Band was so lively and awesome!

Got more exposure to JAZZ today.
Really enjoyed JAZZ.

 photo PhotoGrid_1381584931977_zps50b6a693.jpg
They provide bento as our dinner.
From Kiyoken! Nice! Hehe.
And I also brought back extra one as lunch the following day. Lol...


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