Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dinner in Ginza

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Had a nice dinner with PSS at Ume No Hana restaurant located at Ginza.

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Today's menu

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The tofu was nice and creamy!

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My japanese sake in bamboo!
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Tofu shumai

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Yuba nabe~
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Fried yuba

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The lemon squeezer is cute!

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Yuba gratan

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 photo 24_zpsfb5646dc.jpg
Finally rice!

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Last, but not least dessert!
Maron ice-cream!

 photo 26_zps59f0007e.jpg
Photo with Kael from Thailand.

The menu in Japanese

  • 嶺岡豆腐
  • お浸し
  • 湯葉煮
  • 茶碗蒸し
  • お造り
  • 名物 とうふしゅうまい
  • おしのぎ
  • 湯豆腐
  • 生麩田楽
  • 湯葉揚げ
  • 湯葉グラタン
  • 汁物
  • 飯物
  • 香の物
  • デザート


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