Saturday, October 5, 2013

Random Cooking Diary 21

 photo DSC_1892_zps1e9cb4a7.jpg
Saba fish for lunch! Bought 2 slices for only 200yen.

 photo DSC_1886_zps05773c9b.jpg
Saba bento!

 photo DSC_1888_zps1fafe146.jpg
With Rillakuma furikake topping on top of rice! Yummy!

 photo DSC_1891_zps452001a4.jpg
Onigiri? and konyaku with sweet miso sauce! Nice!

 photo DSC_1743_zpsa2777848.jpg
Burger bento! Lazy people's lunch!

 photo DSC_1741_zpscdc8655e.jpg
My simple burger (bread was wheat english muffin)
 photo DSC_1742_zps52031301.jpg
Big portion of yakisoba! Lol....

 photo DSC_1745_zps06dbb461.jpg
Tamagoyaki (bought from supermarket) with Autumn beer! Enjoyed alone at home! lol


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