Thursday, October 3, 2013

Lab Seminar Trip: 1st Day

Lab Seminar Trip 2013.
 photo f6fa67d5370939943515f24a70838247c3c7708astd_zps7f149f59.jpg
Departed from university at 8.30am and reached Nikko Kinugawa around 11.30am. Had lunch.
Then, lab seminar from 1pm to 7pm at Hotel's meeting room.

The place we stayed at:

 photo 29b3242ab9fb6f9f6519666b431f35910f6c3fcfstd_zps2d49bf3c.jpg
Dinner buffet at hotel.
Went for onsen after dinner.

Night party from 11pm.
 photo DSC_1827_zps394c2744.jpg
Night party ended at around 1am++


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