Saturday, October 19, 2013

Autumn in KAMAKURA

 photo DSC_2053_zpsc2b3541a.jpg
My 3rd visit to Kamakura.
This time, me and Crystal joined KSGG ( for the trip.
But this is the 1st time I get down from train at KITA-KAMAKURA station (a station before Kamakura Station)
There isn't any ticket gate at the station, just tap your card, or return your ticket in the box and go. 1st time saw this in Japan! COOL!

1st STOP:
Engakuji- temple
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 photo DSC_2059_zps18300355.jpg

 photo 2013-10-19-22-05-12_deco_zps93984d5b.jpg

 photo DSC_2062_zps7004d5ca.jpg

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2nd STOP: Tsuruoka Hachiman Shrine
Not much nice photo taken due to this moody weather.

 photo DSC_2067_zps5fc252b6.jpg

 photo DSC_2068_zps4de9738d.jpg

 photo DSC_2069_zpsa3fdef20.jpg

 photo DSC_2071_zps1cf41bf5.jpg

 photo DSC_2070_zps7c9b8d14.jpg

 photo 2013-10-19-22-01-58_deco_zps913a2c81.jpg

 photo DSC_2073_zpsfa018005.jpg
Tempura Soba

3rd STOP:
Great Buddha Statue
 photo 2013-10-19-22-03-50_deco_zps78f02547.jpg

 photo DSC_2076_zps9f94da38.jpg
Started to rain

 photo DSC_2075_zps06f27516.jpg

 photo DSC_2077_zps48600f60.jpg

 photo DSC_2078_zps789c68c8.jpg
Ice cream!

 photo DSC_2079_zpsff9d680d.jpg
ENODEN! So cute!

 photo DSC_2080_zps94757a4b.jpg

Dinner- Saizeriya again!
 photo DSC_2081_zps97b1c1d8.jpg


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