Monday, October 14, 2013


Day 2 of JAZZ PROMENADE event.
Before starting to serve for this event, I get my staff pass and went to Yokohama Landmark Hall to see other Jazz performance.
I get to know this group formed by 5 good looking guys whose height are 180cm and above, called Le Velvets.
They have beautiful voices.
Really enjoyed their performance for a short while.

Then I started to serve my event venue from 3pm.
Today I sit at the reception counter and giving out pamphlets.
Most of the audiences approach me to get the pamphlets.
So I gave them with a smile.
A guy even approached me asking me how to go to Akarenga ( Yokohama Redbrick Warehouse. So I showed him the way)
I think I did my job quite well today.
I am more confidence in speaking Japanese now.

 photo DSC_2018_zps2ee4f78e.jpg
Like to see this guy sitting at the corner controlling the PA system. COOL!

 photo DSC_2020_zps72742379.jpg
The last show ended at 8pm.
Then, we started to clear up the event venue.
Tables, chairs, notice boards etc.... all are done in less than 45 minutes.
We did our job well!

The last thing is to bring down this Queen's Square display board/ cloth? ( dunno what to call, but it is made from canvas material)

 photo DSC_2021_zpsb9391f9d.jpg
And we start to roll it up.

 photo DSC_2022_zps7ee0841b.jpg
Tada, the venue is clean now!

 photo DSC_2027_zpsb1da223e.jpg
So happy working with nice people together.

Before we dismiss, each of us has to do a brief speech.
Huhu. Ah well, I think I did mine quite well. At least I can speak in Japanese more frequently.
Every one was shocked when I said I just came to Japan for 6 months.
Hehe. They praised me speaking good Japanese.
Thank you. Thank you #bowbow #clapmyhands

 photo 1384765_10201399735808981_1789335678_n_zpsee7d942f.jpg

 photo 1373577_10201399735048962_1897458081_n_zpsb1a56860.jpg
Our crew for Queen's Circle venue

 photo 1379178_10201399734208941_484699341_n_zpsc32b2052.jpg
Try to show our jacket. lol...

 photo 1393127_10201399734128939_1081029544_n_zps61acf1d1.jpg
Haha. Funny!

 photo DSC_2025_zps842fb04d.jpg
Brought back another extra bento today.

 photo DSC_2026_zps43013918.jpg
Shougayaki bento from Kiyoken! Yummy pork slice!

 photo DSC_2024_zps2078fffe.jpg
My lab mate, An-san event came to support me.
She bought 2 cakes and also a pumpkin lantern for me.
I felt so touched! Thank you. #bowonceagain

Hope to join this event again next year! Hehe


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