Sunday, November 10, 2013

Japanese Home Visit

Went to Satou Papa's house today for afternoon tea.
This is my first visit to Satou Papa's home.
The interior are nice, with European cottage feel.

 photo DSC_2281_zpsacc08507.jpg
They are kind and warm.

 photo DSC_2275_zps928a551e.jpg
Coffee in the making!

 photo DSC_2274_zpsc9dd7b87.jpg
Started from grinding coffee bean.

 photo DSC_2277_zps92cb2d08.jpg
Siphon coffee

 photo DSC_2278_zpsbbb9f0d9.jpg

 photo DSC_2279_zps8d7f565c.jpg
A cup of fine coffee is ready to be served.

 photo DSC_2276_zps6ff28583.jpg
Homemade pudding. Yummy!

 photo DSC_2280_zps577acefd.jpg
Homemade Sweet potato youkan from Satou-mama.

 photo DSC_2273_zpsbd18316c.jpg
My selca of the day. Hehe.
Love black recently.

Then, we had dinner at another family's house.
Had nice wine there.
Now, I learnt how to drink wine other than rose and moscato.
I get to know another nice wine, an Italian wine called Chianti.
It is just ordinary house wine, but easy to drink. Suits my taste well!
Start to loving wine. Lol...

Japanese are always kind and sincere.
Thank you for their kindness and hospitality. Hehe.


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