Monday, June 15, 2015

Kanazawa Trip - Ohmicho Market

Finally, I made my trip to Kanazawa.
Reach Kanazawa station in the morning and the sky was so blue.
I love the design of the station so much.
A very huge red- colored  Tsuzumi gate in front of the station.

Let me take a selfie 1st!!

My first stop was to visit their famous market for breakfast.
In Tokyo, we have Tsukiji Market and in Kanazawa, we have Ohmicho Ichiba (Ohmico Market)

Fresh seafood are sold here since it is near to Japan Sea (Sea of Japan).


The seafood here are fresh so people usually come here to try their seafood bowl.
But I am saving my calories for tonight's dinner.
So I had only light meals.

My first meal was Ohmicho Croquette.
One for only 160yen.
Price may vary depends on flavor.

So yummy!

Next, I came to a fruit stall to get their special orange juice.
I think there is only one stall selling this.
Fruit Shop Sakano
If you could not find it, search in Google Maps as there are many stalls in the market.

100% Orange Juice and 100% Grapefruit Juice

And for people who have budget, you may try this Melon juice, one for 1000yen.
After you finish your melon juice, they will help you to cut the melon into pieces.

Cool way to drink juice.
You should try this if you visit Kanazawa.
This is so worth instagramming too....hehehe


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