Thursday, June 11, 2015

PS Summer Seminar Day 2: Chirihama Beach + Cosmo Isle Hakui

Japanese traditional breakfast in hotel!!!

Had some outdoor activities- Nature Game in the morning.
Had a lot of fun.
We were just like primary students. Hehe.

Lunch buffet at Hotel Nikko Kanazawa

Their food were really good.
Especially desserts!!! Hehehe!

And we came to Chirihama Beach Driveway.

Hello bello!!!

This famous beach Driveway runs from Imahama Beach to Hakui-gun's Chirihama beach.
This beach driveway is 8 km long and has a road-width of 50 m.
It's made of tightly compacted fine sand making it firm enough for a pleasant drive along the beach.
Source from:

Our group jump!!

Next, we came Cosmo Isle Hakui!
This is real rocket from NASA.

Hello Alien!

Had some knowledge about astronaut after this visit.
Good learning!

Back in hotel.
Dinner time!


Appetizer were so lovely.

with golf leaf....


Had a great time and 2moro will be the last day.


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