Wednesday, June 10, 2015

PS Summer Seminar Day 1 : Taiko + Gold Leaf

PS Summer Seminar 2015 (10-12 June)
This will be the last Summer Seminar with all the scholars.

Our 1st stop: To experience Japanese drum Taiko

We also had chance to learn Taiko

We were quite good, surprisingly!!
Good job guys!

Next, we came to Gold Leaf House at Yunokuni No Mori.

We were given a sheet of Gold Leaf and to stick it on a tray.
Then we were given a stick to craft/ draw on the gold leaf.

We were so serious.

Tada! My creation. I drew this.
But I made a mistake on the date. Supposed to be 10th.

Then, we checked into Hotel.

Dinner time!
So lovely and delicious.

The sashimi were so fresh!

There is always room for dessert.
Tea pudding was so good!

Was so tired but enjoyed so much (Food + Experience + Meeting with friends).


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