Sunday, June 7, 2015

Saturday Nom Nom

Finally, long awaited Saturday...
My initial plan was to come to this coffee shop for breakfast but I woke up late.
So I had some granola at home for breakfast.
I just went for a cup of coffee before meeting my friends at 12noon. 

Cappuccino 617yen
Maruyama Coffee is a famous coffee shop in Japan.
They serve serious coffee. 
Read this to find out more about Maruyama Coffee.
They also sells coffee beans in the shop.

After having coffee, I met up with my friends for chicken rice.
Hainan Jeefan Shokudo

Spot me!

Rice and sauce refills are free.
Regular set of chicken rice is 900yen during lunch time.
The rice and sauce was good but the chicken was different from back in MY/SG.
This is more chewy.

After lunch, we had our tea at HARBS located at Roppongi Hills.

I ordered UVA tea.

We shared the cakes since the portion was big.
Marron cake
-This cake brings out the best of a chestnut´s flavor and fragrance. 
Sponge cake a la sliced chestnuts galore, lavished in whipped cream.

Chocolate cake
-Chocolate sponge cake smothered in chocolate cream and walnuts,
with a hint of brandy for that special richness.

Overall, the sweetness of the cake was just fine.
And they are freshly made.
The portion is big but not feeling heavy when keep eating.

Spent a pleasant afternoon happy chit-chatting with my Malaysian friends.


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