Monday, June 15, 2015

Kanazawa Trip : Higashide Coffee

Had my very simple lunch at a local coffee shop in Kanazawa called Higashide Coffee.

It is located near to Ohmicho Market, Kanazawa. 20 mins walk from Kanazawa Station.

The environment is clean and nice.
You may see coffee beans nicely arranged on the shelves.
They roast their own beans,
and you may choose various kinds of beans from light roast, medium roast and dark roast from the menu.
I ordered Costa Rica coffee (medium roast)

This coffee shop mainly serves only coffee.
The food they selling are toast and desserts.
So I ordered their toast as I was quite hungry.

While having my toast, I was kept staring at their dessert menu.
Their cheesecake looks very good so I decided to try.
It was so rich and moist. I love this so much.

I had a great lunch here.
I think this will be a great place for afternoon break too.

They have their own coffee roaster in their shop.
Highly recommended for coffee lover.
Do stop by Higashide Coffee when you come to visit Kanazawa.


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