Thursday, June 18, 2015

Toyama : Kurobe Gorge Railway

A famous spot in Toyama.
From Toyama Station, it takes about 90 minutes to reach Unazuki Onsen Station via local train.

The Kurobe Gorge is located in the eastern part of Toyama and lies between the Tateyama Mountain Range and the Ushiro-Tateyama Mountain Range. The gorge is the deepest V-shaped valley in the entire country. If you take a trolley ride (the Kurobe Kyokoku Line), you can view the beauty of the valley between Unazuki-onsen Station and Keyaki-daira Station. The trolley ride takes 1 hour and 20 minutes, a distance of 20.1 kilometers, and includes going through 41 tunnels and over 22 bridges.
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Before the ride, I had Toyama Black Ramen for lunch.
The soup is black because of the strong soy sauce flavor and black pepper. 
Quite nice and I love their cha-shu (sliced pork) so much.

Since there is still some time before my ride,
I had foot onsen at Cafe Bonfino.

They are selling ice-cream from Blue Seal too.
Blue Seal was borned in America and raised in Okinawa.

I ordered Okinawa Ta-imo with cheesecake flavor.
FYI, Taimo is a kind of taros grown in Okinawa.This is so so so so nice!!!
There are big chunks of cheesecake in it.
Soaking my feet into onsen while enjoying my ice-cream.
Hot on foot and cold in mouth - what a great combination.

And my journey begins....

Nice scenery along the ride.

Kurobe Dam.

Reached the last stop, Keyakidaira Station after 80 minutes.
The nice red bridge.

There were so leftover snow....hehe

And my way back to the 1st station.


The old concrete bridge.

It was a fun ride.
Was quite cool when passing through the tunnels.

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