Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My Packing Essentials

As I am flying to Manchester soon, I am writing this post
:- My Packing Essentials.

4 more days to go...

Not an interesting post, but more likely a reminder for packing so I can refer it whenever I go travel in the future.
I always do packing a week in advance so I know what I lack of so I have time to get it.

Check the weather of your destination before packing.
It is easy to pack when I go back to Malaysia because of the hot weather throughout the year. But this time, a little different.
I just checked the weather forecast of Manchester and it is slightly lower than London and Tokyo.
So, I need to pack some long sleeves, jackets and cardigans.
And since I am going for an academic conference, most of my clothes are smart casual.
I packed 3 dresses which looks formal but not so formal, casual but not so casual LOL
And I packed 2 pairs of comfortable wedges instead of sneaker.
I just wanna to look pretty at all time....LOL

Weather Forecast of Manchester

Weather Forecast of Tokyo

Hygiene and Beauty
I am very fussy on shampoo so I will bring my own shampoo.
I love to bring facial mask and bath salt too.
And perfume is an essential item too.
Not forgot to mention about cleanser, lotion, essence, cleanser etc.

My iPhone , iPad, DSLR, earphone, mobile battery and chargers.
(And universal adapter too)

In-flight Essentials
Long haul flight might be uncomfortable and tiring.

I usually will bring along my neck pillow and eye mask from MUJI.
I don't like ear plug though.
I fell in love with this neck pillow after watching this video.

And I have a good product from MUJI to recommend.
It's a bag in bag Organizer which comes with a strap.

So I will pull it out from my backpack when checking in flight, passing through the immigration until boarding the plane.
It is very convenient so I wont feel miserable digging /searching for my passport or flight ticket.
The quality is good , comes  with many compartment, handy and light in weight.

The detachable strap.

That's all for this post.
4 more days to departure day...


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