Sunday, November 3, 2013

Repairing my spectacles

 photo Messenger_5802214194566330814_13833556639922515_zps75912590.jpg
Spent 1,575yen to change the nylon string for my half-framed spectacles.
Huhu! Why so expensive!!!@.@
Coz I went to a high class spectacle shop.
I think other shops might be cheaper.
Nvm, just take it as a lesson due to my carelessness.

I asked them to check the power of my spec too. ( I totally forgot)
I have short-sighted at my right eyes -1.25, and astigmatism on both eyes.(Right -0.75 and left -1.5)

 photo Messenger_5802214043457464291_13833556279309030_zps37ebb6d7.jpg
So I need to wear my spectacles always from now on.
I have bad eyesight especially at night.
And now the sky getting dark at 5pm.
So I need to wear it to have better sight.
New image-Wearing spec + short bang.


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