Saturday, November 2, 2013

Grocery shopping

long time din post about my cooking diary.
Just went to do some grocery shopping on a Friday morning.
I woke up too early in the morning and my refrigerator is empty,
so i decided to go to supermarket to fill up my fridge before going to class in the afternoon.

 photo DSC_2189_zps705c3070.jpg
My favorite fruit, persimmon. One for only 68yen.

 photo DSC_2190_zps14af7799.jpg
Carrot, potato and onion. 20yen each.

 photo DSC_2191_zpsd4c8a73c.jpg
Pumpkin for 100yen and cabbage for 38yen.

 photo DSC_2192_zps51c228f4.jpg
10 eggs for 98yen.

 photo DSC_2193_zpsc6a8ef85.jpg
Fish for 200 yen and pork slices 146yen.

 photo DSC_2194_zpse5b189cb.jpg
Udon for 100yen and mushroom is 100yen too.

 photo DSC_2195_zps40b06eeb.jpg
Bread 99yen and yogurt 128yen.

Spent 1288yen for these all.
Going to do cooking at home again!


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