Thursday, November 14, 2013

Dockyard Garden

 photo DSC_2315_zpsdbd7cfd4.jpg
Went to see projection mapping show at Dockyard Garden, Yokohama after Jazz Crew Gathering Party.
One of the guy who worked together at the same venue has reserved 5 tickets for us. So we have the chance to see this projection mapping. Hehe
 photo DSC_2314_zps9436d9e1.jpg
Happy Christmas featuring “Disney The Little Mermaid”
Hehe! Quite nice, but kind of short, only 5 minutes.

So after the show, we went to nearest British pub (at Collete Mare)called HUB for a drink before going back home.
Had a nice chat with people from different age and background. Hehe!

 photo DSC_2316_zps363b1a25.jpg
I ordered this cocktail called Kahlua Milk.
Very sweet and nice.
Hehe! Had a nice time together.
Hope have chance to meet them again soon !


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