Sunday, November 24, 2013

Shopping Day

UNIQLO is on sales. So I went out for shopping!
 photo DSC_2359_zpsfef326f2.jpg
My ootd! Snow printed turtle neck top + fake leather skirt! Hehe

 photo DSC_2361_zps2ddbdfde.jpg
The weather is nice today!

 photo DSC_2366_zps5b43be41.jpg
Had Auntie Anne's pretzel and a cup of cafe latte for lunch + tea-time at 3pm.
I ordered apple cinammon flavor 280yen! And coffee 280yen too!
Huhu. Auntie Anne's is expensive in Japan!

So I bought some winter clothes for my dar-dar in Uniqlo and also GU.
Swiped my new credit card. Hehe.

Then after finish buying, I return to Yokohama station for dinner.
 photo DSC_2377_zps6da85f2b.jpg
Have this nice omurice at a restaurant called Hibiya Matsumoto Grill.
Simple Omelette Rice with Tomato sauce.

 photo DSC_2378_zps127461cb.jpg
Close up! Yummy! 900yen for this. Served with salad.

 photo Messenger_5809996122308219015_13852110201116020_zps92c3b6e9.jpg
Loots for dar-dar!
Premium down jacket for only 4,990yen (coz dar-dar wants the hooded one....non-hooded is only 3,990yen though) and the fleece jacket for 990yen! Super bargain!
Also bought heat tech and pyjama set for him!

 photo DSC_2379_zpse725e2b2.jpg
Me trying his clothes....too bulky for me. But nice coordinate rite!

I also bought a scarf for myself.
And also bought collagen tablets, hair spray, make up remover, and eyebrow pencil.
Everything finishes at the similar timing, so need to restock. Lol

Happy weekend.
Might rest at home tomorrow!


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