Sunday, November 17, 2013

One World Day

 photo P1030911_zps5ba40077.jpg
Joined Ebina International Society.
Today, I am the guest speaker to talk about my country, Malaysia.

 photo P1030905_zps54e97a38.jpg
Hehe. Me giving presentation.

 photo P1030909_zpsf6ad759b.jpg
Talking about food. Nom nom.

 photo P1030906_zpsfac3ae6b.jpg

 photo P1030926_zpsfd6acda2.jpg
Tea party after the talk.

 photo DSC_2331_zps3363e651.jpg
Yum yum!

 photo P1030921_zps309165cc.jpg
Had a nice time together with Japanese.

 photo DSC_2332_zps71947de6.jpg
Nice red leaves view from the venue.

After the activity, went to Sato Papa's house.
Sato mama prepared pao as tea time.
Her hand made meat pao and red bean pao was so delicious.
 photo DSC_2333_zps094cbdfd.jpg

 photo P1030928_zps280e2be3.jpg

 photo P1030933_zpsc0efed50.jpg

Thank you!! :-)


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