Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yamanashi Prefecture One-Day Bus Tour: Part 1 Mount Fuji 5th Station

Hui Min and I joined the one day bus tour offered by Hato Bus.
One-day bus tour is a boom recently, for local tourist and also foreign toureist too.
We joined Mt.Fuji 5th Station and Grapes Picking package, with a lunch included and the price is just 7,480yen.

We depart from Shinjuku station by bus on 8.40am.
The first destination is Mt.Fuji 5th Station.
We were given 40 minutes free time to walk around. ( quite short though)

We were quite lucky since the weather was nice on that day.

 photo DSC03516_zpsd49632ab.jpg

 photo DSC03530_zpsa1b004ae.jpg

 photo DSC03534_zps3ad36c1f.jpg

 photo DSC03535_zps2ead4579.jpg

 photo DSC03541_zps6663d79e.jpg
Tada! Mt.Fuji at my back!

 photo DSC03552_zps252496e1.jpg
Can you see the cloud?

 photo DSC03557_zpsfa78552a.jpg

 photo DSC03561_zps91601bba.jpg

 photo DSC03564_zps7b51a00b.jpg

 photo DSC03573_zpsc8b5f7ef.jpg

 photo DSC03576_zpse28d6304.jpg

Stay tuned for part 2: Our robatayaki lunch


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