Thursday, September 26, 2013

Yamanashi Prefecture One-Day Bus Tour: Part 3 Flower Garden with Mt.Fuji view

 photo DSC03625_zpsd8b87954.jpg
I love sunflowers!

 photo DSC03624_zps1eef4b3e.jpg
Me and sunflower!

 photo DSC03626_zpsf35283ce.jpg
Nice Mt.Fuji view at the back

 photo DSC03635_zps791b7bfe.jpg
Me and Hui Min!

 photo DSC03631_zpse4d4a167.jpg

 photo DSC03653_zps2b69208c.jpg

 photo DSC03642_zps82e7cd94.jpg
Cosmos and Mt.Fuji!

 photo DSC03614_zps9feb354c.jpg

 photo DSC03610_zps3a184160.jpg

 photo DSC03630_zpsedaca750.jpg

Part 3: Grapes Picking Experience! Eat all you can!


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