Sunday, September 22, 2013

Visit Tokyo : Odaiba

A day that I was a tourist at Tokyo, with Hui Min. Hehehe!
Went to Odaiba after so long ( The last time was 2 and a half years back)
 photo DSC_1618_zps8bc20ec5.jpg
The famous Rainbow Bridge!
 photo DSC_1620_zpsf2810436.jpg
The sun was too glaring. Cant really open my eyes.

 photo DSC_1619_zps93207c4c.jpg

First, talk about my lunch.
We had lunch at a random restaurant in Aqua City Shopping Mall, Odaiba.
More info about the restaurant
The restaurant is having promotion. One main dish + a drink + all-you-can-eat dessert for only 1,000yen (tax included)
Choices of main dish are pasta, bagel, steak etc.
I had salmon bagel for lunch.

 photo DSC_1623_zps1837e8e4.jpg
First round's dessert before the meal is served. Lol!

 photo DSC_1622_zpsa2a86bf7.jpg
Bagel rusk, panna cotta, baked cheese cake and milk tea chiffon cake!
Yum yum!

 photo DSC_1624_zps4f973bd7.jpg
High ceiling!

 photo DSC_1625_zpsa0e30504.jpg
My main dish- Salmon Bagel!

 photo DSC_1627_zpsa29d8140.jpg
A cup of tea!

 photo DSC_1628_zps3990380f.jpg
Salmon bagel close up. Yummy!

 photo DSC_1629_zpsccfd5665.jpg
2nd round: caramel pudding, black sesame pudding, strawberry truffle and baked cheese cake
Super full! Only for 1,000yen!
A day, dont care about how many calories taken. huhu

After lunch, we walked to Diver City!
1 to 1 sized Gundam stood still in front of the shopping centre.
 photo DSC_1633_zps8d8a8d0b.jpg

 photo DSC_1634_zpsa090cfd2.jpg
Sunny day!

 photo DSC_1635_zpsb4f72635.jpg

At Fuji TV
 photo DSC_1637_zpsff8e711e.jpg

 photo DSC_1638_zpsc4a12b64.jpg
One piece

Sunset view was nice!
 photo DSC_1639_zpsf64df57e.jpg

 photo DSC_1647_zpsa85dc2a4.jpg
Not to forget to take photo together.

 photo DSC_1651_zps3127a744.jpg
Aqua City and Fuji TV at the back.

Nice nice view!
 photo DSC_1654_zps08a243a3.jpg

I wonder when will my next visit to Odaiba.
Maybe end of this year. Haha.


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