Sunday, September 22, 2013

Visit Tokyo : Asahi TV and Festival Indonesia (Roppongi)

 photo DSC_1690_zpsc7b78c11.jpg

 photo DSC_1691_zps79016735.jpg
Festival Indonesia

 photo DSC_1693_zps2dc70c78.jpg
Looks good!

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 photo DSC_1699_zps81280c80.jpg
Bought the kuih from this stall.
The girl at the stall is cute! (indonesian i guess)

 photo DSC_1695_zps6a7848df.jpg

 photo DSC_1696_zps51560cd7.jpg
Visited TV Asahi!

 photo DSC_1701_zpsc15037bb.jpg

 photo DSC_1704_zps4d594d78.jpg
My favorite Arashi member.

 photo DSC_1705_zps905ede43.jpg

 photo DSC_1707_zps4d75a181.jpg

 photo DSC_1708_zpsfecd9a55.jpg
Kamen Rider Wizard

 photo DSC_1709_zpsdec34e2b.jpg
New Kamen Rider series, starting from 6th October.

 photo DSC_1711_zps118fa61b.jpg

 photo DSC_1713_zps9bd06390.jpg

 photo DSC_1716_zpsc3698dc8.jpg

 photo DSC_1712_zpsb3b0ddd9.jpg

 photo DSC_1714_zpscf615a64.jpg

 photo DSC_1706_zpsba7e1083.jpg

 photo DSC_1697_zpsf2b5e43b.jpg
Roppongi Hills

 photo DSC_1738_zpsbc5987fa.jpg
3 for 500yen! Most expensive kuih I ever had in my life! Hehe


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