Sunday, September 22, 2013

Visit Tokyo: Ginza ( Pedestrian Paradise)
During summer season, the pedestrian paradise starts from 12:00~18:00
夏期 (4月~9月)
土         12:00~18:00
日・祝  12:00~18:00
During winter season , the pedestrian paradise starts from 12:00~17:00
冬季 (10月~3月)
土         12:00~17:00
日・祝  12:00~17:00

 photo DSC_1685_zps64e54387.jpg

 photo DSC_1686_zps2a17e4cc.jpg

 photo DSC_1687_zps3f5f2c79.jpg
There are some rest area in the middle of the road. Feel free to enjoy sun bathing. Lol...

After having a stroll at Ginza, Hui Min and I went to Doutor for tea-time.
 photo IMG_20130921_153519_zpsd408e9fa.jpg
Mont-blanc and a cup of tea!
 photo DSC_1689_zpsc792bb74.jpg


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