Sunday, April 5, 2015

Maison Landemaine

Are you willing to queue for an hour for bread?
And I actually did it.

The first franchise of Maison Landemaine in Japan  is just opened few days ago. 

But the good thing is, they provide you a waiting space underground so you do not have to queue in front of the shop.
Thumbs up for their service.

And I got my number, no. 22.

From Paris.

This is actually the time I waited to enter the shop.
And I spent another 20 minutes picking up some breads and queing for making payment.

Must try their baguette.
And I am so lucky to see the owner Mr.Landamaine refilling the baguette in front of me.
He was so good looking, very humble and very polite.

All pastries are freshly baked.

And the guy who was slicing the bread was so handsome.

They have macarons too.

And this croissant is highly recommended.
Very rich in butter. This is exactly what I love.
They offed 2 kinds of croissant, one made from French butter and one made from Japanese butter.
And I chose the one made from French butter.
c'est delicieux!

And this is my baguette sandwich.
Very simple yet very delicious.
Miam miam!


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