Monday, December 15, 2014

Pavlov Patisserie

 photo IMG_0011_2_zps6c4273d3.jpg
A very nice shop in Yokohama.
The sell pound cake in front of the shop and they also running a cafe at the back at the same time .
 photo IMG_0012_2_zps677e58e6.jpg

 photo IMG_0013_2_zpsf5051512.jpg
Nice entrance.

 photo IMG_0014_2_zps1e4bcd03.jpg
fake cakes were nicely displayed.

 photo IMG_0015_2_zpsfcc9a8c1.jpg
Nice and class place.

 photo IMG_0016_2_zpsaaa214b6.jpg
Cakes for sales are nicely displayed.

 photo IMG_0017_2_zps562e0ba3.jpg
The interior is nice.
Very classy but relaxing.

 photo IMG_0018_2_zps75a6581f.jpg
Ordered their special tea.
Very nice smell and good taste.

 photo IMG_0019_2_zps6b64cfaf.jpg
Cute saucer.

 photo IMG_0020_2_zps2477d2f6.jpg
Ordered their Pavlov set.
1296yen ( comes with drink)

 photo IMG_0021_2_zps510ee438.jpg
1st layer - savory cake served with cream cheese.
OMG. Heavenly awesome.

 photo IMG_0022_2_zps8e34c50d.jpg
Comes with salad too.

 photo IMG_0023_2_zpsb55a0653.jpg
Then, 2nd layer was all sweet cakes.

 photo IMG_0024_2_zps6aa11b04.jpg
Yum yum yum!

 photo IMG_0025_2_zps83a138b3.jpg
Gold sheet on top.

Every cake was so unique and nice.
It was not very sweet but rich in taste.
Just suit my taste bud very well.
Good environment, good food, good weather,
what a good weekend.

 photo IMG_0026_2_zps51d81def.jpg


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