Sunday, December 7, 2014

Loot of the Day

Went shopping but bought nothing but food.
I'm just a foodie lover.
 photo 20141207_001748_zps2b83156a.jpg
Craving for green tea ice cream!!!!

 photo 20141207_002032_zps1f5feac1.jpg
Saw this at a supermarket at Roppongi.
It's a drip coffee but the packaging is special so I bought it.
For 2 serving. Just pour hot water inside the bag, wait for few minutes, and the coffee is ready to be served ( from the instruction)
For more info:
 photo 20141207_002052_zpsc1fceb50.jpg

 photo 20141207_002157_zps00340183.jpg
New drink to try - Barista's Latte
Produced by Barista Champion (Japan).

 photo 20141207_002145_zps7c50ea46.jpg
Cadbury Chocolate!

 photo 20141207_002102_zps4955b9c8.jpg
Earl grey from Twinings

 photo 20141207_002112_zps36cf6159.jpg
Lemon and Ginger tea - non caffeine tea to keep my body warm.

 photo 20141207_002121_zps841e5ba2.jpg
Collagen- Supplement for my skin hehe

 photo 20141207_002723_zps2e1a7596.jpg
Aojiru or Green juice - for health!


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