Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dried fruits MIX DIY

It is very hard to find mix dried fruits with all kinds of your own favorite dried fruits in the market. ( in a budget way, I mean)
Of course you can get it at dried fruit specialty shop such as
FAR EAST BAZAAR Organic Dried Fruits located at Hikarie Shibuya.
But it is so pricy. !!!! (organic one)

So I decide to make my own bottle of dried fruits mix with a budget way.

 photo 20141213_220417_zpsdfe2cef4.jpg
Each packet around 150yen.
Apricot and mixed nuts.

 photo 20141213_220427_zps03f6bc75.jpg
these are around 100-150yen each too.
Raisins and kiwis.

 photo 20141213_220448_zpsbba8e017.jpg
Bought a cute small glass bottle at Natural Kitchen (100yen shop)
And some cute packaging leftover.

 photo IMG_0027_2_zpse7f4deab.jpg
Tada. I mixed all the fruits and nuts together in a bottle.
And also I made a 4 small packets of mix fruits and nuts to control the portion of every intake. (each packet around 35g)
Budget dried fruits and nuts in a bottle. Hehe!
I am carrying this to my lab.
This will be my afternoon snack. Hehe.

 photo IMG_0003_2_zps8b81a44b.jpg
I bought this dried cantaloup melon  from CircleK on the other day.
It was quite nice too.

My recent favorite things - dried fruits!!


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