Sunday, December 7, 2014

Mary's Cafe

 photo IMG_0062_2_zpsf024fdac.jpg
A nice cafe located at KITTE, just few minutes walk from Tokyo Station.

 TABELOG rating quite high.

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Water drip Blue Mountain No.1 coffee.

 photo IMG_0064_2_zps18bd0877.jpg
Cute chocolates lollipops.

 photo IMG_0065_2_zps43955eb1.jpg

 photo IMG_0066_2_zpsa2e87bab.jpg
Secured my seat and went to order at the counter.

 photo IMG_0067_2_zpsb7b513bd.jpg
Waiting for my food and drink.

 photo IMG_0068_2_zps40e1013e.jpg
Chocolate filled  Corne and a cup of coffee.

 photo IMG_0069_2_zps27970976.jpg

 photo IMG_0070_2_zpsdaae52ce.jpg
Free chocolate.

 photo IMG_0071_2_zpsf0500cd6.jpg
The bread was ordinary, but I like the chocolate cream very much.
Very rich in chocolate.

 photo IMG_0072_2_zps99db8f90.jpg
They provide electric point at the counter seat.
Good for traveller. Hehe.


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