Sunday, December 7, 2014

Walk around Roppongi

 photo IMG_0101_2_zps4591f115.jpg
Nice deco around Tokyo Midtown.

 photo IMG_0102_2_zps4fd10c33.jpg

 photo IMG_0103_2_zpsea7aad70.jpg
Nice xmas ornaments.

 photo IMG_0105_2_zps80a199eb.jpg
I want this for XMAS!
I mean a real car. Mercedes A-class. Hehe

 photo IMG_0106_2_zps746144b8.jpg

 photo IMG_0107_2_zps369061f9.jpg
Nice illumination at Tokyo Midtown

 photo IMG_0109_2_zps2f647287.jpg
Can you spot the sheep? hehe


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