Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kushiya Monogatari

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Met up with Tiya and had this for lunch.
The restaurant is an “all you can eat” styled buffet mainly serving kushikatsu (Deep fried skewer) at a reasonable price.
70 minutes for only 1,600yen during weekends lunch hour.

 photo DSC_3059_zpsaj3hqvzf.jpg
1. Choose from a variety of skewered foods from the bar.
2. Dip your selection into a batter and coat it with bread crumbs.
3. Put in the hot oil and let it cook for a couple of minutes.

 photo DSC_3066_zpsxrfoorjx.jpg

 photo DSC_3061_zpsrgcpyepi.jpg
Having fun frying our own food.
You deep-fry everything right at the table.

 photo DSC_3067_zpsymlwnm1j.jpg
Tada! Fresh and tasty!
Love the pumpkin and shrimp the most.
The cheese donut tasted great too!

 photo DSC_3064_zpsng9xwfc9.jpg

 photo DSC_3063_zpsnxe7p2hs.jpg

 photo DSC_3065_zpsgarr61yq.jpg
They also serve some lightmeal, such as salad, pasta, curry, soup, rice etc.
But I didn't take much hehe.

 photo DSC_3069_zpsatz2agjm.jpg
Oh, you can make your own soft cream too! XD
There is a chocolate fondue too!

 photo DSC_3068_zpsr7uzqns3.jpg
End of the meal- 24 sticks!
I'm so full! Huhu!


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