Thursday, December 26, 2013

Ikaho Onsen

We went to Ikaho Onsen on the Christmas Day.
It was a slow-paced and pleasant trip with my love one.
We stayed overnight at a hotel, enjoying hot spring bath in cold weather.
We were so lucky to see snow leftover but it was freaking cold.
The lowest temperature was like minus 5
So we stayed inside the warm hotel room, enjoying the "hot-cond"!
As Christmas Day is not a public holiday in Japan, and it was a weekday, the place is less crowded and not much shops were opened.

Refer to Danny Choo's blog for more info instead!
I wanted to go to Ikaho Onsen after reading this post from his blog. Lol!

 photo DSC04730_zpsc78eeac9.jpg

JR Highway bus from Shinjuku Station to Ikaho Onsen for around 2,000yen per trip ( The cheapest and the easiest way to Ikaho Onsen.)
(Early booking by Internet is recommended, somemore can get 5% discount)
It takes around two and a half hour to reach Ikaho Onsen ( rest at Uesato Service Area for 20mins in between)
(Where u can get some souvenirs and take a short break)

The place that we stayed for a night.
 photo DSC04745_zps91b6ffb0.jpg
Kindayu Hotel
Private onsen, foot massage machine, ping pong and karaoke room. And it's FOC!
For only around 4,000yen per person per night!
(7,980yen each person for buffet package)
The hotel looks abit old, but it was clean and comfortable enough for staying one night or two.

-Ikaho Ishi Dangai
 photo DSC04739_zpsf4153cff.jpg

 photo DSC04793_zps59626e95.jpg
Showa Feel...

 photo DSC04796_zps930fc859.jpg

-Kajika-bashi (Kajika Bridge)
 photo DSC04770_zps2e9ae576.jpg
Stunning view of the snow covered hill

 photo DSC04775_zpsd150fba8.jpg

-Ikaho Shrine,
 photo DSC04753_zpsd0dff9de.jpg
Way up to the shrine
 photo DSC04754_zps10f799d3.jpg

 photo DSC04756_zps80b193a9.jpg

-Kyu Hawaii Okoku Koushi Bettei (The Minister’s Villa of the Former Kingdom of Hawaii)
 photo DSC04803_zps5d0c3e95.jpg

 photo DSC04804_zps927077c8.jpg

 photo DSC04817_zpsf09d92c6.jpg
The water in the pond was frozen!

 photo DSC04820_zps8d72f655.jpg
I acted like a small kid, threwing some snow pieces to hit the frozen surface.
It was fun! Haha!

Ishidangai, the well known Ikaho Stone Steps, form the main street of Ikaho Hot Springs resort area.  It is a street with an exotic atmosphere, lined with Japanese-Style Inns, local gift shops and shooting galleries. 

Kajika-bashi is a vermillion colored lacquered-arch-bridge near the head spring of Ikaho Onsen. In autumn, maples, sawtooth oaks, lacquer trees and the leaves ofmany other trees change to red, gold and yellow to create breathtaking scenery. 

The Ikaho Shrine is one of three major historic shrines of ancient Gunma or Kozukeno Kuni. Many believe that the god of the hot spring and medical care is enshrined in Ikaho Shrine. 

The villa of the minister of the former Kingdom of Hawaii is a Japanese-style wooden residence built during the early Meiji Period. It was the home of Robert W. Irwin, the minister to Japan of the then Kingdom of Hawaii, and the only building of the Kingdom of Hawaii that remains in Japan.

Find more info about Ikaho Onsen here!

Ashi Yu (Foot Onsen)
 photo DSC04788_zps17fabb50.jpg

 photo DSC04791_zpsbe953f93.jpg

 photo DSC04792_zps772b97fd.jpg
Remember to wear something easily taken off so u can put your feet into the warm hot spring.
remember to bring handkerchief of small towel along ( towel is available at 100yen at the shop nearby if you forgot to bring one)
I soaked my feet into the hot spring for around 20mins.
It was so warm and comfortable. And I feel refreshed after getting out from the water. Hehe

 photo DSC04757_zpsc6f6796b.jpg

 photo DSC04779_zps0258a3e6.jpg
100yen for a pack of Kiwi!

 photo DSC04784_zpscd5fe688.jpg
Takoyaki for lunch on the 1st day!

 photo DSC04785_zps16278030.jpg

Lunch on the following day after checking out from hotel:
 photo DSC04806_zpsa76aeac3.jpg

 photo DSC04809_zps76bd1b87.jpg

 photo DSC04810_zpsafe93a27.jpg

 photo DSC04811_zpscf14d2f2.jpg

 photo DSC04822_zpsf515d287.jpg

 photo DSC04823_zpse7894c07.jpg

 photo DSC04825_zpsb2a0aba0.jpg


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