Saturday, February 8, 2014

Heavy Snow

8am in the morning
 photo DSC_3103_zpshaqvyli7.jpg

 photo DSC_3100_zps7nj5qic0.jpg

 photo IMG_644673304242229_zpsm9e8lvrg.jpeg
My "cheat" snowman. Haha

4pm in the afternoon
 photo DSC_3110_zps3od0nwem.jpg

 photo IMG_20140208_163531_zpshyxkcwid.jpg

 photo PhotoGrid_1391844522827_zps2t5zr0ei.jpg
Getting heavier...

 photo DSC_3113_zpskdllpmz0.jpg
OMG! White snow!

 photo DSC_3108_zps6laabs1g.jpg

 photo DSC_3107_zpsuwsnmz2h.jpg

 photo DSC_3112_zpsamiheic1.jpg
Wow wow wow!

9pm at night.
 photo DSC_3122_zpsijskpxch.jpg

 photo DSC_3120_zpshbsc5eer.jpg

 photo DSC_3123_zpstbcht8oi.jpg

 photo DSC_3124_zpsjo9ngkkl.jpg


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