Sunday, February 2, 2014

CNY Surprise

 photo 43eb2c6b-9287-42e0-8990-2476eafa3c2b_zps9d2d5115.png
This year is the happiest CNY in my life! LOL
Finally, my dream comes true!
I got a surprise "ang pao" from my brother.
He messaged me on the first day of CNY and ask me to order an Ipad Mini Retina online and he made the payment via credit card.
So I chose the one in silver color with 32gb storage. Hehe!
51,800yen @.@

And I'm so surprised I received it on the very next morning.
 photo DSC_3058_zpsskip9kon.jpg
And so, I asked my dar-dar to give me a smart case as a present for CNY.
Double happiness.
I got a free smart case which cost 8,100yen.

 photo DSC_3055_zpsc4i9dbck.jpg
Super happy!!

 photo IMG-20140201-WA0001_zpshiiep4ga.jpg
Red goes well with white!
Love it so much!

 photo DSC_3075_zpstxrioodz.jpg
And I went to Yodobashi Camera to get the headphone jack plug and also a stylus pen! Hehe.

I'm loving my new toy! Hehe!


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