Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Friendship Necklace

 photo IMG_20140205_214053_zpsy6bhejif.jpg
Got this Initial necklace from my Korean friend , Yuu.
She is going back to Korea soon.
We had dinner together and she suggested to buy something to keep as our friendship memory.
We saw this nice necklace at an accessories shop.
The initial "Y" represents her, Yuu.
And the initial "H" represents me, Foo (Hu in Japanese) lol
I wanted to buy initial "F" but unfortunately it's not available.
So we ended up choosing initial "H" instead of "F". Huhu!

So, I'll keep the "Y" and she keeps the "H" as memory.
Planning to visit her and my friend in Korea in this year.
Hopefully I can squeeze sometime for this vacation.


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