Friday, February 28, 2014


 photo IMG_20140228_032229_zpsed36a48d.jpg
In flight meal. Breakfast!
But I think MAS one is nicer! Lol.
Chocolate cake doesn't match with the omelete.
They should serve bun or bread instead.

 photo 2014-02-28-05-00-52_deco_zps7e892e1f.jpg
I always prefer window seat. Hehe.
This time I chose the seat near to plane engine.
Hmm....ppl said it's the worst seat position? Lol
But the good thing is, meal is served earlier since it is the first few rows of economy seats.

 photo IMG_20140228_071837_zpsda3cee82.jpg
Took Narita Express (NEX) from Narita to Yokohama.

Hello, JAPAN! I'm back!


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