Wednesday, February 19, 2014


my first ride on a JAL flight 

Departed from Yokohama YCAT at 6.40am
It was snowing. Was worried about my flight

Arrived at Narita Airport early

And saw this at the departure hall

So I wrote some messages and hang it on. Hehe.

was so exciting to go back Malaysia 

Had a cup of latte from Excelsoir Caffe before departure.
I spilled my coffee and spoiled to nice latte art due to lack of sleep. Hutu

Luckily the flight departed at the scheduled time.

In flight meal was quite delicious.
Had the salmon and chicken set.
The side dishes was nice too!
Very healthy and the portion was just nice.

And the dessert was vanilla ice cream from Haagen daaz.
Arrived at KLIA as time scheduled and dar-dar fetched me with his new car.

Hello ! I'm home!


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