Friday, January 31, 2014

Chinese Lunar New Year in Yokohama Chinatown 2014

Immersing in the CNY mood at Yokohama Chinatown
 photo DSC_3034_zpso2rz8g6s.jpg
Yokohama Chinatown is believed to be the biggest Chinatown in Japan.
Chinese New Year in Yokohama Chinatown to be one of the most colorful, lively celebrations that you can find in Yokohama.
It was so happening during the first day of CNY!
 photo DSC_3036_zpsm8vsz2so.jpg
Too crowded.
Hardly to capture a nice photo.

 photo DSC_3038_zpssfkp3stk.jpg

 photo DSC_3043_zpslxsgfp7j.jpg

 photo DSC_3046_zpswabzhdgz.jpg
The drunken lion finished a bottle of Shau Xing wine. Bravo!

 photo DSC_3049_zpspv4sbkpe.jpg
A really closeup view of the lion dance!

 photo DSC_3052_zpsxe37uyjl.jpg
Nice Lite up at Mazu Temple

Feeling so good that I could feel the CNY atmosphere in Japan although I'm away from my hometown.
I miss my family very much.
Looking forward to meeting them soon!


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