Saturday, January 18, 2014


This is my 1st time trying yakiniku other than Gyukaku.
Had dinner with producer and few new friends after done some filming in studio.
OMG. I'm getting
Will upload about the embarrassing video once it is

This was my first time doing some filming in studio.
No NG during the shooting. So, I don't think I am really good.
I was so nervous. And during the shooting, suddenly we felt earthquake....
Lol....but still continuing shooting. Hope the producer will do something about that
Oh ya. I got paid for this job. Yeah! And I got extra pay for transport allowance too. Hehe!

Then, after finishing our job, the producer and 3 of us (reporter) went for dinner.
We had yakiniku! I was so guilty after the dinner.
Since we are getting the eat-all-you-can in 90mins package, we ordered alot of stuff and we all keep
We went to a shop nearby Sugita station called Kuidon.

 photo DSC_2863_zps91nvizcs.jpg

 photo DSC_2867_zpsmxlcdumn.jpg

 photo DSC_2864_zpsb3ga4jsb.jpg

 photo DSC_2865_zpsjlvzvmav.jpg
Nom nom!!
OK. I'll leave my diet plan to the next day!

Trivia of the day (from Wikipedia)

Yakiniku Day

In 1993, the All Japan Yakiniku Association proclaimed 29 August as official "Yakiniku Day" (yakiniku no hi), a form ofgoroawase (numerical wordplay), as the date 8月29 can be (roughly) read as ya-(tsu)ki-ni-ku (8 = ya, 2 = ni, 9 = ku).


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