Saturday, January 4, 2014

His Last Day in Japan

Today is our 7th Anniversary.
And also his last day in Japan.

We went to Ueno since easy access from Ueno Station to Narita Airport by Keisei line, and the fair is only 1000yen.

Had Nagasaki Champon from Ringer Hut as lunch.
 photo DSC_2742_zpsz5xlwqaw.jpg

Opps....I guess we ordered too much.
 photo DSC_2743_zpsi4grb7nf.jpg
Champon and Sara Udon + Gyoza set!

 photo DSC_2745_zpskvkob2fq.jpg

 photo DSC_2744_zpswtlwv5gt.jpg
Fried rice!

 photo DSC_2746_zpsgjiodyzg.jpg
Burpp.....too full!

After lunch, we had a stroll at Ueno Park.
 photo DSC_2751_zpslchwgfst.jpg
Found a panda post box. Hehe.

 photo DSC_2750_zpsazbbd17g.jpg
Street performance.

 photo DSC_2749_zpshgomydmo.jpg

 photo DSC_2748_zpswcevzbud.jpg
Dessert after lunch was Beard's Papa cream puff!
Awesome taste!

 photo DSC_2747_zps958xyl7i.jpg

Time passed swiftly.
It's time to leave this happy place.
We boarded the train to Narita Airport.

Had a cup of Starbucks coffee since we still have some time after check in the luggage.
 photo DSC_2754_zpsgcnltkax.jpg
The seasonal menu- Chocolate Pretzel Latte (Venti
 photo DSC_2752_zpsk9qec1yj.jpg
And a slice of new york cheese cake.

Sending him off with tears.
Not so sad this time, coz
we shall meet again next month.

I'll miss u!


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