Monday, January 6, 2014

Yume No Dream

 photo DSC_2755_zps3n5qpi4i.jpg
Got an invitation ticket for a amateur baseball match from KIRIN by lucky draw.
Reached Tokyo Dome at 11am in the morning and many people was queuing for getting entrance ticket.

Long long queue....

 photo DSC_2756_zpsbdagudrr.jpg

 photo DSC_2757_zpswzewugrw.jpg
Queued for 30mins for our turn.

 photo DSC_2758_zpsyjxrkszz.jpg our tickets!

 photo DSC_2759_zpsi0bilbtn.jpg
Yippie. So excited!

 photo DSC_2764_zpscbcnmgl5.jpg

 photo DSC_2771_zpshv1rqrcu.jpg
Me and Crystal

 photo DSC_2791_zpsl6c5ivqs.jpg
Advertisement shooting was going on too!

 photo DSC_2798_zpsm5stslae.jpg
Kame is one of the guest! Hehe
See him in person for the 1st time in my life!
OMG! So excited!

 photo DSC_2799_zpsa8lzhupf.jpg
Kame as pitcher!

 photo DSC_2801_zpsu7tqnmog.jpg

 photo DSC_2803_zpskmqwfwvm.jpg
Most of the audience was wearing in yellow as requested!

 photo DSC_2804_zpsrccbfzfy.jpg
Kame's Interview!

 photo DSC_2806_zps4v81omer.jpg

 photo DSC_2809_zpseonjsxoc.jpg
Yeah! KANPAI! With Kirin ( cup beer inside ToT)

The advertisement will be on air from end of this month!
Can't wait for it! Hehe!


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