Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Dar-dar's Birthday + New Year Countdown

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I ordered his birthday cake 2 weeks earlier.
We went to collect the cake on the day of his birthday at SOGO.
So we went to a karaoke place around Sakuragicho and booked for 1 hour.
(FOC for birthday boy. So I just paid my fee, 550yen for 1 hour and one drink is included)
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 photo DSC05143_zpsd91c1f4f.jpg
Spacious room just for two of us.

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 photo DSC05153_zps3167ed49.jpg
He looked so happy!

 photo DSC05156_zpsf9a07f63.jpg
So he made his birthday wish.

 photo DSC05157_zps5e51987e.jpg
Very delicious.
We finished the whole cake in one hour. Lol.

 photo DSC05160_zps14b5c6aa.jpg

After the karaoke. We walked around at MM21 area.
 photo DSC05161_zps0baa2ba4.jpg

 photo DSC05162_zps2ee757de.jpg

Countdown at MM21!
An unforgettable countdown with my love one. I love you 1314!
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 photo DSC05165_zps284727f5.jpg

 photo DSC05166_zpsde56d741.jpg

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