Monday, January 27, 2014

Homemade Sweets

 photo DSC05240_zps14bfda72.jpg
Strawberry pancake topped with whipped cream and blueberry sauce

 photo DSC05241_zps18c96b43.jpg
Yummy! Hehe.

 photo DSC05243_zps65d95e57.jpg
Apple plate!
Left: Cinnamon apple,
Middle: biscuits and strawberries,
Right: Fresh apple

 photo DSC05246_zps46ef95da.jpg
Steamed cake with whipped cream!

OMG! How amazing!
I can make desserts! Hehe!

 photo DSC_2992_zpsfwkhfp89.jpg
Strawberry is my favorite fruit! Hehe!


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