Saturday, January 25, 2014

Girls Food Hunting Date in Odaiba

Went out with Tiya!
Our destination was Odaiba!
Odaiba is the second place that I like after Yokohama's Minato Mirai.

Our first stop:
Takoyaki Museum (Decks)
We ordered Takoyaki from 3 different stalls.

I think 芋蛸 is the best among 3.
 photo DSC_2912_zpssyszxosj.jpg

2nd place goes to やまちゃん!
Topped with spring onion like mountain!
 photo DSC_2914_zpsn4hca1si.jpg

3rd place goes to たこ焼 十八番!
 photo DSC_2915_zpsnnjrmdwx.jpg

2nd stop:
Tanto Tanto (Venus Fort)
 photo DSC_2984_zpsapc3ktsl.jpg
We ordered JUMBO pizza! Wakakaka!

 photo DSC_2983_zpsa5ymcksj.jpg

3rd stop:
Kate Rose Cafe (Diver's City)
 photo DSC_2985_zps7zxhllw6.jpg

 photo DSC_2986_zpsgat5gpb6.jpg
Dessert + Drink for 850yen per person.
 photo DSC_2987_zpsur7agdkh.jpg

 photo DSC_2988_zpsgdygiunj.jpg


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