Monday, September 6, 2010

Good and Bad News

[Bad News]
I had an egg sandwich from Rotiboy for my breakfast as usual today.
Shyt~One of the bread was mouldy...Many black spot on the bread and it was very hard...
OMG Rotiboy~ Please aware of your bread freshness next time~ I was so unlucky=.=
I should check the bread next time before buying...

[Good News]
My mom chose PJU 5030 for my new Myvi~ Nice number~I like it~The numbers and alphabets are round~
She also sent my car for tint~ She chose Aircool brand tint~sounds nice~
Yeah~ Can't wait to go back to hometown and test my new car...
I've booked flight back to Alor Star on 3rd October morning...
Daddy Mummy I miss u so~

Thinking of buying some internal decoration and air purifier for my lovely new car~hehe~


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